Building the Digital Hospital

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust’s vision is to be:

“at the heart of a sustainable and outstanding, innovative academic health science system, working in a partnership and through networks locally, nationally and internationally to deliver and develop excellence in patient care, teaching and research within a culture of compassion and integrity.

The Trust believes that information technology has a crucial role in supporting the Trust’s vision of Delivering Compassionate Excellence.

New and innovative information technologies are being deployed by the Trust to revolutionise the way care is provided to patients. The implementation of the electronic patient record systems throughout the Trust is a critical factor that underpins the Trust’s overall strategy. Over the next five years the new systems will enable real time information that will radically improve patient care and enable the Trust to operate in a ‘paper light’ way, with information available to clinical teams whenever and wherever they need it, with built in safeguards to protect patient confidentiality.


Electronic patient record systems enables the deployment of ePrescribing and automatic dispensing using robots to improve patient safety.
A single wireless network infrastructure across the Trust’s four hospitals and GP practices enables clinicians to be entirely mobile; to have information wherever and whenever they need it.
Patient records coupled to a newly developed system used for recording and analysing at the bedside key items of data on a patient’s clinical condition, will ensure improved monitoring of patients, quicker interventions and a higher quality of care.
Electronic discharge summaries enabling nursing and midwifery teams to communicate to community teams and GPs will result in faster efficient discharges which greatly improves the patient’s experience whilst freeing up beds, saving time and saving money.
A collaborative project with the University of Oxford and other NHS and academic partners will enable research teams to pull from disparate databases to improve our understanding and management of care, develop new drugs, and personalise treatments to a patient’s individual needs and condition.

Information technology is a core vehicle for strategic change. It enables service improvement and supports the more effective real time care of patients to improve the quality, safety and governance of the Trust’s patient care services. It aids better patient communication and empowers patients to be more involved in their care.

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