Having a Coronary Angiogram

The cardiology team at The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre, part of the Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust outline the treatment you will recieve when attending the centre for a planned coronary angiogram and angioplasty. The production is designed to answer patients questions in a clear and straightforward manner, allaying fears and providing re assurance.

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The video contains information on the following areas of treatment:

1. What a coronary angiogram procedure is
2. What angioplasty treatment is
3. The fears that patients might have about the procedure
4. Having the procedure explained to you and consenting
5. Going into the Catheter labs, the equipment and lab team
6. Having a local anaesthetic, what you will experience during the procedure
7. Outline of the procedure
8. Staying relaxed during the procedure
9. Having a wrist (TR) band fitted
10. The risks associated with the procedure

The production outlines the benefits of coronary angiogram and angioplasty procedures and should answer the most common questions that patients may have. This is an amazing insight into the NHS and the fantastic care that can now be provided by world-class health care providers.

Please be aware we cannot accept emails from youtube members regarding diagnosis of heart conditions or other health related problems. If you have any health concerns please contact your local healthcare provider.

You can also find some excellent information on all aspects of heart attacks and coronary heart disease at the following websites
NHS Choices website http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Heart-at…
British Heart Foundation http://www.bhf.org.uk/
National Heart Forum http://www.patient.co.uk/
Please be aware that we cannot comment on individual patients cases. If you do want specific advice it is advised that you contact your GP or dial 111.

The filming and production of this video has been supported with an educational grant from Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd. Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd has had no involvement or input in the content.

This film was produced by Oxford Medical Illustration which is a non profit making department of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. If you wish to find out more about their work visit http://www.oxfordmi.nhs.uk