Having heart attack treatment, Derriford Hospital Plymouth.

Fascinating patient testimony from a patient at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth recorded less than 24 hours after suffering an MI (myocardial infarction) – heart attack. Dr Ian Cox, Consultant Cardiologist also provides an insight into the treatment administered for a heart attack from a clinicians perspective.

The testimony covers the following areas;

The symptoms of a heart attack
The importance of making a quick 999 call
Travelling to hospital
Transfer to the Cath labs
Administering the treatment
The importance of rehabilitation
Recovering from a heart attack

The development of coronary angioplasty at the cath lab at Derriford hospital and the excellent pre-hospital care by GPs and the ambulance service mean that world class treatment is now possible for the vast majority of patients in this area who are unfortunate enough to suffer a heart attack.

If you think you or a family member is suffering a heart attack — call 999 immediately

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