The best job in the world – the NOTSS Division, Oxford University Hospitals

The Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Trauma and Specialist Surgery (NOTSS) Division, part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, presents a video outlining the support and opportunities available to their nursing recruits.

The video has the following sections:

An overview of the NOTSS Division is presented by the Divisional Nurse.

Joining us
The support given to a new starter is detailed and nurses present their experiences.

A nurse who has worked within the Division for 6 years discusses her experience and more junior nurses discuss how they have progressed.

Being supported
The Education Lead discusses the different types of group and individual teaching that is offered to nurses within the Division. The types of clinical supervision offered to nurses across the Division is also presented.

Our team
Nurses discuss their experiences of team working and how team support helped their career and skills development.

The future
Future career planning and aspirations are discussed by junior nurses and an experienced Charge Nurse.

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This film was produced by Oxford Medical Illustration which is a non profit making department of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. If you wish to find out more about their work visit