The Oxfordshire Care Summary (OCS) – Summary Care Record (SCR)

Originally produced for the NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit in 2014 this production examines the impact and advantages of the OCS (SCR) for clinicians and patients across Oxfordshire.

Specific topics covered include;

1. What is the OCS – Summary Care Record (SCR)?
2. Who can access the OCS?
3. What are the advantages of the OCS for patients?
4. How can the OCS link Hospitals and GP practices?
5. What are the advantages of the OCS for clinicians?
6. Does the OCS store my data?
7. What data can clinicians access via the OCS?
8. What are the advantages of the OCS to the healthcare system?
9. What does the future hold for the OCS and Summary Care Records (SCR)?

This film was produced by Oxford Medical Illustration which is a non profit making department of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. If you wish to find out more about our work please visit